We are still here…

Hi folks..

We of  have been working hard behind the scenes to get you the best DJ-sets of upcoming and breakthrough artists, which caused our website to be unmaintained (visually) for a long time. There has been a new show every friday since our last post, but was never mentioned properly on the website. For this, we apologize and hope you will stick around with us. Every show has been archived for your pleasure to re-listen at any time. We just did not have had the time to update all the posts of every show, so we will make a few posts that will hold whole shows of that month. This will be a slow process too, but we’ll do our best to post everything that was missed. So, expect some ‘older’ shows to be posted.

You can reach us too on DiSCORD.
Click on the [iNViTE-LiNK] to get instant access and have a chat with the artists and djs!

That’s it for now.. got lots of work to do 🙂
See you on FRiDAY !!!

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